Business Evaluation

For AAD 66

One of the themes that keeps echoing loudest to me from Seth Godin’s videos has been “get past the voices in your head”. It’s so interesting to me – I expected the technical aspects of business development to be the challenge, but as it turns out it’s the personal introspection that’s really where I find the struggle. That’s not so say that things like tax brackets, and insurances and licensing and things like that aren’t still a challenge, it’s just that for me, creating a business plan requires quite a bit of soul searching.

Some of that has to do with the particular situation I happen to be at this point in my life. Its likely that I have some big very big and unfortunate changes ahead in the next few months, so I’m having to really carefully evaluate how running my art business is going to work as I weather the changes. (I realize I’m being really vague, but you know, this is public)

So it’s careful little baby steps. The first one being;

Setting attainable goals – for instance;

  • Get a business license and a resale license. Just do it. Get it taken care of, say by June. That’s doable.
  • Open a business checking account
  • Get a website up and running from which I can sell items. And if not that, at least get an etsy page going.

There. See. It’s three doable steps. Shoot for the end of May. (And that’s not May as in maybe)

And now a list of the hard stuff. The personal stuff –

  • Commit to and follow through with 30 minutes of breaks-a-sweat workout. Every. Single. Day!
  • Organize some small part of the studio. Every. Single. Day. And document it.
  • Ok, that’s two, now one more (or maybe that was 3 things) Spend time with positive mentors. There. How about that!? Achievable one each class. I really love the little family we have with our group.

Thanks Marcy, for your encouraging, supportive leadership.