Work Space

AAD66 week 5

This is kind of scary. Opening up about my work space is really personal. Makes me feel a little too vulnerable. But here goes.

When I was a kid quite often my mom would quote from the movie “So Dear To My Heart” in a song-songy voice, “it’s whatcha do with whatcha got and never mind how much ya got” and I guess it’s stuck with me, for better and for worse. I’ve always been the type of person who can work in pretty much whatever space there is available to be worked with, which is great when the options are limited, but the trouble I’ve found myself in is that too often I’ve settled for a less than ideal work environment.

As we discussed work spaces some in our last class, I realized the unnecessary  inconveniences I’ve put up with for myself. It was probably for the noble sake of saving money that I’ve just made do, but what it’s cost me in productivity in the long run is a loss I don’t want to think about.
Some of those inconveniences are things I’ll just have to live with for a while longer now that I’m sort of set up in my in-home studio – like the fact that my studio is upstairs and the closest faucet is down stairs in the kitchen, or that is sortof conjoined to my girls bedroom. I mean, it’s a nice little space. Feels sortof like a loft studio, but it’s also like I’ve painted myself into a corner. Those big changes can’t really happen until I move my workspace to a whole new area. For now I’ll have to just keep making it work.

In the mean time there are some smaller changes I can make to improve the space. There’s always organizing and simplifying to be done. As it is now the space is three distinct work spaces; a desk where I do my design work that has my computer and files handy, a space for my painting on an easel or portable table and in another corner a desk with my sewing machine and behind that my sacred fabric collection. (Or, evidence of my fabric addiction) It goes like this – if I’m being productive, it’s going to be a mess, but there comes a point when it crosses the line, even for me (who can work in a tornado) so then I have to stop and take a day and tidy up the nursery. Of course the more convenient my storage systems are for paints and other supplies, the easier it is to keep things organized. A few months ago I made some shelving, but I haven’t taken the time to really sit down and organize. I think it’s going to take a the help of a type A friend and a glass of wine to really make it happen, mainly because of the *”letting go” that has to take  place during the process (*aka “throwing away”)

See, needs work.  

…Suzie, my calm in the chaos.