Business Vision

AAD 66 week 4

Wait! Is it really already week 4!?!

First of all, I’m super bummed I had to miss the guest speaker last week! But it was totally worth being at my daughters last home game of her JV season. (Which, by the way, was a win!)

And now, before I go on with this post about creating a business plan, I think I need to go back and be more specific about my ideal day. I want to start each day with a gentle work-out and meditation, most likely after I take my girls to school, because while id love to believe that I’m the kind of person who’ll wake up befor the crack of dawn and go in a walk or do yoga, we all know better than that. So, realistic is what I’m shooting for. A daily schedule review is also something I need to commit to. Update it if necessary, and respond to contacts. Then because I tend to let myself get overwhelmed by one project and not be allow myself to keep my priorities balanced, I need to give myself a certain amount of time to work on something and then require myself to set it aside and move on to the next priority when the time is up. I need to give myself reasonable deadlines. And then I need to be kind to myself about keeping them or letting them go.

I think in reality, my “ideal” day has some less-than-ideals in order to be successful, which is ultimately the true ideal.

Now for the preliminary business plan!

Services and products I offer: commissioned fine art, in addition to paintings and art of my own inspiration. I offer hand lettered signs and murals, as well as decorative faux painting. And then in a separate category but not so different craft, I offer art classes, parties and painting events.

I would also like to do art therapy – art worships that are focused on helping people process emotions through their painting. (“Paint your pain, paint your purpose”)

My target market…? Hmmm, anyone who needs art? That’s pretty broad to call a “target”. For me I think it’s really knowing who’s not my target – probably not twenty-something guys who go to the gym twice a day (nothing against that demographic though) That doesn’t narrow it down a ton… The trick, I think, will be being proactive about marketing myself. I’ll have to seek out opportunities, say, to teach in private schools, drum up commissions maybe by connecting with realtor with clients wanting to decorate their new home with authentic art, or stage their home with a fresh look.

Again, the trick will be marketing.

How will my work benefit the client? Everyone can use an extra dose of art – whether it’s having their own art experience through a painting event or buying a personalized piece of original art, my work is meant to bring people in touch with their creative spirit.

Listen to me, I sound like my own info-mertial. Uhhg! Here’s where I have to say, marketing is so tough for me. Promoting myself goes against my character. So maybe that’s something I need to look into outsourcing.

How will I find clients? …sometimes they find me, and that’s a beautiful thing. Through word of mouth or social media, or good old fashioned “calling cards” posted on a bulletin board at a coffee shop – it’s a wonderful thing when someone seeks you out for art. But like I said earlier… schools, retirement homes; those are places where I could market my painting classes and workshops. I’m not too sure about running groupons and things like that. Maybe something to look in to or have someone else do for me.

Ooo boy, how much money would I like to make in a year?… One meeeillion dollahs! Or at least $10k. I think that’s a reasonable amount to shoot for in my firsts ear of “real” business. But honestly, I want to create a livable wage for myself with my art, or creative work (to put it loosely). I don’t think it’s unrealistic to shoot for

As far as a list of people, service providers, and groups I plan on working with… I’m still working on that.

It’s all definitely a work in progress.