Project Inspiration 

With only one semester of Applied Art classes under my belt, I still feel like a total beginner at this digital stuff. But the advantage to that is that anything I do is progress, right!?

My goal as I learn my way around this virtual art studio is not so much to use my work as a final product, but to use it to build mock-ups for my physical art. To more efficiently make sketches for my canvases, signs, murals, etc. – to be able to adjust elements within a layout without having to completely start over. 

As I work on this portrait grid project I’ll be paying close attention to the tools I use so I can apply them to my “real” work. Like the “layer via cut” we learned in the last class – that’s going to be a really useful function to know! 

I think one of the most valuable techniques I can learn is how to create a double exposure. Such as..

  …this image, from  

I’d also love to learn how create what I’ll call a “texture wrap”. Such as…

…this image, from

Then of course there’s “text wraps”, such as…

…this image ( which may use the same tools as the “texture wrap”. I plan to find out once I watch the tutorial in that link. 

To start with though, I need to finish dissecting my portrait. Now to settle on which pattern to use.